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8 sept. 2015

Painting with SUS, School Federico A. Velasquez, Boca La Caja, Panama.


On Friday August 28 morning, in the school premises Federico A. Velazquez, in Boca la Caja, in Panama City, a social workshop was held to fifth graders.

The idea was created and performed by the designer Solangel Martinez of Solangel Unique brand Shoes. This new initiative aims to provide low-income schools and aid disadvantaged children, encouraging creativity and their potential to believe in themselves and create their very own hand painted designed shoes. 

The workshop began with the presentation by the designer. Then the students drew and created their own designs on a shoe template. After completing the sketches, the shoes, which were already signed with their names, were given to each child and they then proceeded to paint their designs on the shoes, and that's when the magic began.

As the children painted, the whole room became a wonderful space full of creativity and great energy, laughter and lots of smiles on the children's faces. 

Thanks to the great work of the class teacher the workshop was dynamic, and the students were really attentive to the designer's instructions and encouragement so their designs slowly started to take shape. 
At the end of the workshop each child had a unique pair of shoes designed and created by their own efforts. You could feel their pride and satisfaction at completing the project and the admiration of everyone else at their achievement. 

We wish to give thanks for the support for this project of Michael Woodward, who has very generously purchased all materials (shoes, paints and brushes) to make this workshop happen, and also to the designer, Solangel who organized the whole event with such enthusiasm.

We also thank Boltio who were motivated by the initiative of the workshop and supplied the shoes at a generous discount along with Sederia and Don Chicho, who were the suppliers of paints and brushes.

We thank the school for welcoming and supporting this initiative and also the Optimist Club for their assistance and collaboration during the workshop "Painting with SUS".

We really want this wonderful social activity to reach the maximum possible number of children, who will all have their own unique pair of painted shoes as well as a sense of accomplishment.

Solangel hopes that the idea of this workshop will spread and we can find more sponsors to bring this initiative to all the needy corners of Panama and that many more children will benefit.

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